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Sprinkle some Sklitter on your fueled and spun off wick for ultimate ninja sparkle! One standard 3 oz. container lasts approximately 10 "average" burns depending on use.


Note: Beware of "imitation Sklitter" as it may contain iron, steel, or magnesium which can quickly degrade your wick - as well as color additives that are toxic when inhaled.

Directions for use:

  • Fuel your wicks and spin off as normal
  • Sprinkle on Sklitter - as much as if you were sprinkling cinnamon and sugar on a tasty piece of cinnamon toast
  • Light up and enjoy!

Important Notes:

  • Please tell your safety in advance that you are using Sklitter (titanium) so that they do not think that you are using something dangerous such as steel wool
  • Do not mix with colored fuel additives as the combination can be toxic
  • Do not use with fire eating
  • Failure to spin off wicks prior to applying Sklitter can cause wet clumps of Sklitter to fly off. It is strongly not recommended, but if you plan on not spinning off while using Sklitter, make sure to plan extra room for projectiles!

Reviews (1)

I LoVe it

Written by Hans Perkasa on Jul 9th 2019

Got mine yesterday after seeing one in action at a burn event. It feels like spinning with little explosions going off! I love it!