DragonFly Modular Dragon Staff - Fire

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Our Carbon Fiber DragonFly design combines a lightweight and durable 7/8" carbon fiber shaft with removable rigid aluminum and steel ends - providing extra strength where needed while keeping overall weight to a minimum - with the feel that you only get from a dragon staff with rigid spines. Our long-lasting extra-tacky white Ninja Grip now comes standard for maximum grip without constant regripping!

  • Fire - Each of the 6 or 8 wicks are wrapped with a full 2 feet of 2 inch Kevlar for a bigger and longer burn (approximately 5 minutes). Spines are completely covered in silicone tubing to prevent hot metal burns. 4-spine ends weigh 560 grams each, 3-spine ends weigh 420 grams each.
  • Fire Hatchling - New 3/4 sized heads for shorter shafts!
  • Glow - Shatterproof polycarbonate tubes hold 6 Flowlights (available on this page), or 6 Capsule Lights (Requires Flow Caps, Capsule 2.0 now available, ). With Flowlights and batteries, 3-spine ends weigh 495 grams each.


Reviews (2)


Written by Alex Brendemihl on Feb 26th 2021

This is the best dragonstaff I've ever flowed with!

A reliable staff

Written by Laney on Feb 10th 2021

I decided to try this staff after spinning the Threeworlds collapsible fusion staff for about two and a half years. The grip is VERY intense on this staff in comparison to the EPDM on the fusion model (the silicone will tear out your hair and make some tricks less smooth if you aren't used to the grip), but so far the silicone seems less problematic. I likely will not have to replace the grip entirely like I need to do with EPDM that peels off or disintegrates. The only problem so far is that the silicone is very hard to clean and gets dirty easily. This staff seems very solid in comparison to other dragons I've spun and I haven't had any problems with it coming apart while spinning. One of the main reasons I purchased this one was because I had been having problems with wicks flying off of my fusion during burns... which is NOT a good look. The wicks on the dragonfly are large and there isn't exposed metal on any part of the staff which helps with not getting burned- it is all covered in silicone. The flames on this thing are huge and I love it! So far I can not attest to how well this staff holds up over time as I have only had it for a few months, but I really like not needing to worry about changing out my wicks or tightening things before flowing. As someone who LOVED constantly changing and customizing/working on my staff when I used the fusion, it became a hinderence over the long term (like keeping a really old car running... expensive and time consuming). This staff has solved a lot of those problems. Finally, one of my only complaints is the fact that many heads don't work with the design of the dragonfly. I would love more cusomizability in terms of contact heads (such as being able to add my flowbonacci spirals). That being said, this is the best staff I've ever spun!

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