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This contact staff features a lightweight and un-bendable 3/4" or 5/8" diameter carbon fiber shaft with 5" Kevlar on aluminum ends, encased in our new extra-tacky long-lasting white silicone Ninja Grip.

This staff is both agile and well weighted for contact - great for beginners and pros!


Reviews (2)

Contact staff review

Written by Alexander Hewitt on Feb 11th 2020

By far the best contact staff on the market. You don't have to worry about it bending and you never have to change out your grip tape again.

Contact staff review

Written by Alexander Hewitt on Oct 21st 2019

I have been spinning staff for over ten years and have tried all different types over the years. Ninja pyrates staff is by far the best weighted and feeling staff I have used. I like incorporating both fast martial art type moves as well as contact. This staff makes both style easier to do. I would get the flowers separately if your more into martial art type flow but give the flowers a try to feel the difference. The silicon grip is a game changer as long as it doesn't get wet. No replacing grip every few months! I am purchasing the practice staff and LED shortly.

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