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This 42" long contact sword features a 22" "blade" of Kevlar wick and a rubber pommel counterweight. Weight is 2 pounds.

*Please note that contact swords may take 1 to 3 weeks to build.*

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awesome sword

Written by Trey Bailey on Nov 5th 2019

Yet another fantastic prop from Ninja Pyrate. I order one of these and the acro-staff and they both came in less than a week. The grip is one of my favorite features of NP props, works very well for contact moves, the wick is seamless and clearly very well constructed. The rubber ball is very nice as opposed to the acrylic balls found on some swords, I'm a bit clumsy when learning a new prop and not having to worry about a concussion if I whack myself is nice. The weight is wonderful, very easy to pick up the balance. I think the only thing I would like on it is a balance point for the fueled-weight and possibly an option to add a guard between the grip and the wick. Otherwise it's a fantastic product and I'm extremely happy and satisfied with it, definitely the nicest contact sword I've ever played with and am pleased to own. Thank you for the amazing prop!

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